WATER 08CoolStuff is where you'll find...stuff I like, other photographers work, books, and comments on things that bothers me... This page will contain all sorts of...stuff (a window on other people views, at times these might be things you don't like) so beware, if this is the case leave please...(Click on the picture to discover the work online).
Pieter Hugo"...the complexity of the animal-trainer relationships - nuanced with struggles of power, ownership and affection... " -
James Mollison"While watching a nature program on primates I was struck by their facial similarity to our own.". -
Banksy"Art is a guarantee of sanity. (Louise Bourgeois)". -
Rencontres Arles"Why come back to Arles, the “city you do things for notwithstanding”?". -
JR-ART"...Il expose librement dans les rues, attirant l'attention de gens qui ne sont pas les visiteurs habituels des musées." -
Blurb"...believes passionately in the joy of books – reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them.". -
Jan Saudek"1949 - I get my first camera, a Kodak Baby Brownie. It works perfectly and I would be using it today if they still made the films that fitted it" -
World of Lith"At last, the perfect companion book for Tim Rudman's best selling ‘Master Photographers Lith Printing Course’ is here...". -
David Lachapelle"Everything you urgently need to know about this kitschy maximalist photographer he has 'em begging for (what else?)...more ". -
D&AD"D&AD is an educational charity that represents the global creative, design and advertising communities. ". -
Tendance Floue"TENDANCE FLOUE: photographie explore une chimie faite de confrontations, d’assemblages et de chocs.". -
WATER 08"Yann Arthus-Bertrand avec ses photographies aériennes,....invitent chacun à réfléchir à l’évolution de notre planète et au devenir de ses habitants.". -

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